Case Studies

The urbane and sophisticated couple’s tastes run the gamut from low-key to exotic.  Paying homage to the wife’s Indian roots, “the Garden of the 7 Chakras” (in a secluded section and part of the front gardens) was designed around a large mandala mosaic, to bloom in color sequence related to the colors of the Chakras.  For instance, early Spring-orange Tulips are followed by yellow Forsythia, followed by green, blue, indigo, violet blooms.  This most labor intensive garden on the property still requires relatively little maintenance.

The Pool Garden

The pool garden, like all of the garden spaces, is part and parcel to the overarching relationship to the water views.  While open to the surrounding views, a sense of privacy is created by secondary shrubs such as Rosa rugosa, and taller grasses, such as Panicum virgatum.  The low maintenance perennial planting scheme relies on under planting of off season bulbs, groundcovers and companion plantings to keep color and interest for 9 months of the year.

Cutting Garden

The cutting garden features old-fashioned annuals and perennials.  As with each of the individual gardens, it remains secondary to the overall connection to the larger landscape and setting.

More Case Studies

Case Studies